Our research centers on 1) deciphering the molecular mechanisms regulating anti-cancer immune responses, 2) exploiting knowledge to develop novel immunotherapies for treating cancer, and 3) translating these new cancer immunotherapies from bench to bedside. Our research also extends to studying immune regulation of other chronic diseases including infections, allergies, and autoimmune diseases.


Two active research directions are:

1.Identify new immune checkpoints and develop new immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) therapy for cancer.

  • New immune metabolic checkpoints (e.g., creatine).
  • New neuron/immune interface checkpoints (e.g., serotonin axis).

2. Develop novel “off-the-shelf” allogeneic immune cell therapies for cancer.

  • Harnessing unconventional T cells: NKT, γδT, MAIT, and more.
  • Engineering stem cells: iPSC, HSC, and more.
  • Exploiting gene therapy modalities: TCR, CAR, immune enhancers, and more.
  • Targeting a broad range of cancers: blood cancers (e.g., multiple myeloma, AML), solid tumors (e.g., ovarian cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer), and more (e.g., infections and autoimmune disorders).